Antler dreamcatchers

We offer a large collection of custom made dreamcatchers of various types and sizes. On this page, we have our collection of antler dreamcatchers.

We also do hand crafted custom dreamcatchers of all sizes and in a variety of materials and colors, which you can choose. If you have something specific in mind, email us and we can probably make exactly what you are looking for.

 4 way antler dreamcatcher shield 
 4 in 1 antler dreamcatcher medicine wheel shield 
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 double antler dreamcatcher 
 4 in 1 Deer Antler Dreamcatcher 
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 fancy deer antler dreamcatcher 
 4 Point Deer Antler Dreamcatcher 
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 antler dream catcher 
 4 in 1 Antler Dreamcatcher 
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